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Perth Towing are a local tow truck service based in Perth Western Australia. Our tow trucks are ready and waiting to transport and tow almost all vehicles | cars | automobiles to all areas and suburbs.

We all love our local area, that is why we live here! Perth is Western Australia’s largest city populated by over 2 million people, estimated to grow to over  2.25 million by the end of 2017 continually growing at a very fast rate, this means more cars on Perth roads. Perth’s economy is well known for administration, business and the mining, petroleum and agricultural industries.  Perth has a classic hot summer and mildly cold wet winters and is set on the swan river with sweeping views of the famous king’s park and is home to the picturesque Rottnest Island.

How to Choose the Right Towing Service

Perhaps you are driving along through Perths suburbs when you hear the unmistakable noise of a tire going flat – oh no… Maybe you have been hard at work all day only to find a dead battery right when it’s time to go home. You could possibly have been involved in an accident… this has happened to almost all of us (or we know someone who has) leaving the keys are in the ignition with the doors securely locked.

Our towing companies aim is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Seems simple and logical doesn’t it? There is more to choosing the right towing service than most people would think. The first listing you see in the phonebook, foursquare or yellow pages may not be the best choice to make.

Best Towing Service in Perth WA

Aren’t all services the same?

Simply put, the answer is a resounding and definitive no. Obviously, any towing service can tow. I bet you’re wondering if all organisations perform other duties as well? Some only do towing and nothing else – others offer a range of services that cover the majority of eventualities. Our vehicle transport service can move almost all cars and automobiles stress and hassle free (all while keeping competitive pricing)

With the invention of mobile phones, it is much easier to contact a company when you need assistance. This is good news since very few people are stuck trying to flag down a ride anymore. To prepare for the worst, it is a good idea to have one or two numbers already on your speed dial. We offer a speedy call out service to all local areas within close proximity of the CBD.

Car Towing

What services do Perth Towing offer?

A good, well-rounded towing service is capable of doing many different tasks. They can change a flat tire right on the road, bring you enough fuel to make it to the closest petrol station, unlock doors, store vehicles, and tow your car or automobile to your choice of destinations.

Since the unexpected rarely happens on a 9-5 schedule, it is essential that we also offer 24-hour service, every single day of the year. After all, they are of no use to you on Christmas Day or after the late-night movie if they are not open. We try to be as reliable and dependable as possible while trying to offer almost all tow services that would be needed for vehicle transportation around Western Australia.

Tow Truck Service

What type of vehicles can we handle?

We know that not everyone drives a compact mini car or a small sedan. Our towing service is one of the best in Perth and will have a fleet of service vehicles that are capable of handling almost every size of car, truck, SUV, or van. Please notify us with us much info as possible at the time of booking so that we are able to utilise the correct tow truck for the job, making sure it’s done safely, and without any damage to your vehicle.

When thinking of tow trucks, most people picture a car being hoisted in the air from the back end. These wheel lift trucks lift the vehicle off the ground by cradling the rear tires. Larger vehicles, or ones that have sustained severe damage, will need a flatbed truck known in the industry as a roll back. A chain pulls the disabled vehicle up onto the truck bed for easy transportation. For a big rig truck, specialty-towing services will be needed since these require a very different type of handling. Service vary on a number of factors – we access each job differently based on its merits; our years of experience in the automobile transportation industry in Perth gives us the know how and knowledge to handle all jobs the best possible way.

Towing Company in Perth WA

Tow Trucks Pricing

If you have seen or heard advertisements about a towing service, confirm that the actual price is the same as the advertised one. Small print often hides hidden fees, mileage, and applicable taxes. They should be able to quote you a price right over the phone that has everything included. Additionally, they should also let you know ahead of time if there are any reasons why the quote might increase. We make sure all our pricing is outlined up front – we are a honest and reliable service whilst keeping our pricing very competitive compared to other reputable tow truck companies in Perth WA.

Vehicle Relocation Service

Tow Payment Options

It is wise to ask in advance what type of payment they accept. Modern technology has made it possible to bring credit and debit card machines anywhere, so it is uncommon to find businesses who will accept a cheque. Cash is never a problem, but find out if they need payment before they attempt towing or other roadside assistance. Please discuss with our staff at the point off booking and notify us of your preferred payment method.

Level of Professionalism

One sign that a tow truck company in Perth WA may not put professionalism first is in rock-bottom prices. It costs money to run their equipment, pay their employees, and cover overhead costs. If the price they offer is too cheap, they will need to make it up somewhere along the line. We have been in the car transport business long enough to know how to offer great pricing as well as top notch services with great customer service.

We Move Cars

Where are they located?

It does not matter if the towing service is perfect if it will take them several hours to get to you when you need help. The ideal proximity will allow them to get to you within 30 minutes to an hour from the time they are dispatched. The closer the better, but don’t sacrifice quality just because it means you may wait an extra 15 minutes.

For some general information from the WA government chout this link | also there is a special new report on Perth Now with a tow truck article. You can contact our local business anytime on (08) 6365 2222 | Or message us via our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.